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12 things we learned from 'Premium Sales Strategies'

Earlier this week, speakers from Global Radio, Manning Gottlieb OMD, Improve Digital and Microsoft Advertising came together to discuss what premium sales strategies look like from all sides of the industry. Members can download all speakers' presentations here, with a summary of the key points below:
  • Online display is polarised between real-time bidding (RTB) and commercial partnerships
  • Set to pass 20% of UK ad spend by 2013 (Improve Digital), RTB is largely direct response-focussed, and still lacks an attribution model for context (Microsoft)
  • OMD terms automation and partnerships 'math' and 'magic' respectively - while acknowledging the need for both, the move towards automation/RTB is growing and irreversible across multiple channels - 'Anything that can be automated will be... publishers need to adapt'
  • That said, they are 'two sides of the same coin... insights into audience behaviour can inform the magic side of what we do'
  • The value of content partnership briefs has increased 50% year on year (Microsoft) led by the agency drive for media firsts
  • 'Tech is the ally of creativity', and Microsoft is about to recruit its first creative technologist
  • Improve Digital: To avoid cannibalising their premium inventory, publishers need to understand what 'premium' means to them (hint: it's not just about price)
  • 'The big boys are coming' - seeing the margins of some of the networks, the agencies are building up their trading desks as 'insight factories' 
  • Publishers are too concerned with fighting each other - 'collaborate among yourselves to get what you want' 
  • Global's sales strategy is built up around cross-media partnerships, and 'digital specialists within agency hubs' - if it had just stuck with banners, it wouldn't have anything like the yields it has today
  • OMD is looking to understand the 'digital pathway' to the last click, and what part brand plays in that - and understand what are the 'differenciating factors' for effective brand placements
  • Good planning for OMD is not: homepage takeover, reachblock & advertorial - it IS: precision targeting, kick ass creative & creative magnetism
For more on how premium sales works at Global Radio, see the video with Interactive Sales Director Tony McAllister below:
Tony McAllister on Global Radio's sales strategy
Members can download all speakers' presentations here

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