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Peter Cowley, Managing Director of Digital Media. Endemol UK, video interview

Peter Cowley, Managing Director of Digital Media. Endemol UK talks to AOP

Endemol is an international entertainment production company, traditionally focused on the creation of TV formats, their production and exploitation.

As Managing Director of Digital Media, Peter’s role is to develop and implement Endemol’s interactive & new media strategy the UK. Peter is a member of Endemol’s global digital board that advises the group on international digital media issues.

Strategically, Endemol looks to exploit its TV brands on a multi-platform basis and fund its activities via broadcasters; advertisers or consumers. Increasingly Endemol is looking to develop entertainment products on new media platforms such as mobile, broadband and IPTV.

Peter sits on the board of a number of Endemol investments including Momedia International and Pure Grass Films.

Video produced by BigKid London

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