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Dennis CTO Paul Lomax voted in as AOP Product Group Chair

Paul LomaxAOP's Product Development Committee has voted in Paul Lomax, CTO of Dennis Publishing as its new chair with immediate effect. He succeeds Piers Jones, Group Product Manager at the Guardian, who has chaired the group for the past year. In 2011, the Committee has covered a diverse range of subjects impacting on media owners’ businesses: from mobile, to agile development practices, user experience and information architecture, to developing global products, EU cookie legislation, gamification and tablet apps. It also played a vital role in defining the focus of AOP’s first hack day in October, in conjunction with Mozilla. New AOP Product Chair Paul Lomax says: "I'd like to thank Piers for chairing in a year in which the committee has seen a series of incredibly informative and inspirational talks. It's clear that digital product development is becoming increasingly important in publishing.” “At Dennis, over 40% of our digital revenues come from products launched within the last 3 years. We are in exciting times, full of opportunity, but we must not rest on our laurels. The future for publishers will be a profitable one if we continue to work together in the increasingly complex digital landscape." The AOP Product Development Committee’s aim is to ensure that media owners maximise value from their investments in technology. Background and more information on product management
  • The role of the product manager is to interpret and translate between the needs of the business and developer/technical resource, with the user’s needs also front of mind. 
  • AOP believes product management to be a critical area to enable publishers to launch and continually develop services which are ultimately both commercially successful and suited to their target audience.
  • The BBC, an early adopter of product management, explains the role as being like the conductor of an orchestra, as its Head of Product Chris Russell revealed at an AOP event in July of this year, ‘Introducing a Product Culture’.  

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