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Chuck Richard Outsell Reports now Live

Outsell_logoChuck Richard is VP & Lead Analyst for Outsell, providers of Analytics for the information industry. With a PhD and Masters in Quantitative Business Analysis, the AOP was very privileged to have Chuck speak amongst the world class speaker lineup at the AOP B2B Conference this week, where he was Conference Chairman. You can read Chuck's full bio here. In addition to providing the insight and information that set the scene for the day's key discussions at the AOP B2B Conference, Outsell have also provided AOP Members and attendees with a series of industry reports available to download here on our website. They cover numerous areas of industry research, and are filled with links and citations back to other leading research reports. 1.  50¢ For a Contact or $50 for a Contract?Download Type: pdf
Download Size: 110k

2.  Brazil: A Sign of the Times Download Type: docx
Download Size: 47k

3.  Mind the Trap: Consumer Does Not Equal B2BDownload Type: docx
Download Size: 45k

4.  Disrupt Yourself for GrowthDownload Type: docx
Download Size: 48k

5.  "I Know What I Know" Doesn't Apply to PublishingDownload Type: docx
Download Size: 47k
To download simply click on the PDF titles above, and for a full roundup of the 2013 AOP B2B Conference programme please click here