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Outbrain agrees exclusive partnership with Johnston Press

Content discovery platform already resulting in 11% click-through rate

One of the UK's leading publishers, Johnston Press, has partnered exclusively with Outbrain to boost engagement and improve user experience. The partnership will extend across 196 local online newspaper sites including Portsmouth News and Chichester Observer. Johnston Press has already seen impressive average click-through rates of 11%, after using a range of Outbrain's features designed to help online publishers keep their readers engaged while monetising their content.

Outbrain is partnering with Johnston Press to provide personalised content recommendation on editorial content for each user. As well as providing internal links to boost engagement across its websites, Johnston Press will also use Outbrain to provide links to external third-party content on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis.

Outbrain is constantly developing its offering due to its understanding of the dynamic space of online publishing, and recently launched new editorial features for real-time analytics for optimal editorial performance. Johnston Press will use these features to help monetise and maximise the reach and potential of all of its content. In its initial six month trial on Portsmouth News and Chichester Observer, Outbrain delivered impressive results including click through rates of over 15% on desktop and 12% on mobile. As a result Outbrain was implemented across 185 sites in a two week time period, and Johnston Press plans to extend the Outbrain partnership to flagship titles such as The Scotsman. Mark Woodward, Head of Newspaper Websites at Johnston Press said: “Outbrain is constantly innovating its product and services to provide something truly valuable to online publishers. As well as delivering really strong results for us in terms of click-through rates, we were really excited by development like the new editorial features which help our editors’ test and make real-time decisions to maximise the home page.” Stephanie Himoff, Outbrain's UK Managing Director said: "Against the recent controversy of 'fake Facebook Likes' and 'click farms' we're reminded of the importance of building reader trust and genuine real traffic. Outbrain has always been about putting the reader front of mind, and delivering them quality content. It's fantastic to see Johnston Press is already seeing such positive results and we are working with publishers on a long term basis to constantly build our services to help them even more."

Outbrain is the market leader in content discovery, serving twice as many recommendations as its closest competitor. In the UK, Outbrain reaches 62.9% of the UK population (comScore, November 2013) and currently works with over 260 publisher sites including The Telegraph, The Independent and The Daily Express. Worldwide Outbrain now serves over 150 billion recommendations per month and is installed on over 100,000 sites.