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Ooyala video platform integrates YouTube for publishers

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Adding relevant video to articles and blog posts is a great way to increase engagement. However, creating your own videos for as many posts or articles as you'd like may be a stretch too far for most publishers.

To address this issue, video platform Ooyala has introduced a new feature, post YouTube videos within the Ooyala video player on your site.

Searching for relevant YouTube videos and tracking user views of them on your site all takes place within the Ooyala backend - Backlot.

Ooyala President Bismarck Lepe comments: “One of our publishers asked us to help them with their YouTube workflow [and] we decided to do something about it. By leveraging the YouTube APIs, we've added the ability to search and discover YouTube videos directly from Backlot and then deliver the videos in the Ooyala player. Because the video is hosted and delivered by YouTube, but in our player, videos are added to Backlot in seconds and the sophisticated management, syndication and analytics tools that you use every single day are supported for the YouTube videos.”

“This will be great for any publisher looking to add rich media to a primarily text-based article. For example, if you're writing a story on electric cars and you'd like to include images or videos on the EV-1, GM's early 90s foray into the electric car business, you will easily be able to search, find and embed the video directly from Backlot.”

Video tour of the new Ooyala YouTube enhancement.

Ooyala Puts YouTube at Publisher's Command (Mediapost)

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