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EIAA predicts online ad spend growth

80 per cent of advertisers predict growth in online ad spend, according to new research produced by the European Interactive Advertising Agency (EIAA). The [Marketers' Internet Ad Barometer] highlighted that 81 per cent of advertisers state that their online ad spend has grown in 2008 and expect the trend to continue into the next two years.

The research has also revealed that 73 per cent of online advertisers are increasing their use of online as an advertising medium and 30 per cent of advertisers now view online advertising as essential, compared to 17 per cent in 2006.

Advertisers are increasing transfering more of their ad budgets from offline into online. 82 per cent of advertisers who have seen an increase in their online spend admitted it is coming directly from the likes of print media (40 per cent), TV (39 per cent) and increasingly DM (32 per cent) budgets.

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