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The evolution of online sales

The evolution of online sales strategies, from 1999 to 2012 - by 24/7 Media: Premium online sales evolution


Premium online sales in 2012
"From our point of view, the pyramid view is an old vision. Today, publishers have to organise their strategy around the technology they use.

"Working with a partner like 24/7 Media, publishers have the opportunity to optimise yield across all demand, and avoid inventory silos.  So all demand options (from RTB to premium) will be managed successfully from a tech platform - this is why technology is now so important.” - Estelle Reale, Director of Marketing and Communications, Europe, 24/7 Media

Send us your view of what a premium sales strategy looks like. Find out more about our Premium Sales Strategies event on 3 July. 24/7 Media is an Associate AOP Member.

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