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UK embracing on-demand services

[Ofcom research] shows that the UK is embracing on-demand web TV services, backing publishers' push to offer these services online with rapidly increasing quality and volume.

Consumers of all ages are showing increasing interest in accessing TV via the 'net, their number doubling to 18 per cent over the past year. Almost a third of users have watched video content online, compared with 21 per cent in the last report.

Web TV has not, as some doom-mongers predicted, presented a major threat to regular TV viewing - the average amount of time spent in front of the TV has actually grown since 2006.

Viewers' attention, however, is increasingly split between TV, web and mobile:

  • Three quarters of 20 to 34 year-olds regularly use their mobile while watching TV
  • More than a third of 25- to 44-year-olds check the internet often while viewing a programme.

The web commanded on average 24 minutes of our time at home per day last year, a massive increase on the 6 minutes average in 2002.

Source: Media Guardian

Ofcom: [The Communications Market 2008 (August)]

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