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Q&A: OMD Head of Digital Katie Eyton

Katie EytonManning Gottlieb OMD Head of Digital Katie Eyton is speaking at our next event on 3 July looking at what successful premium sales strategies look like – from all sides of the industry.
What role are media exchanges now playing at Manning Gottlieb OMD? It’s still relatively early days, but we’re seeing some very impressive results from our exchange activity through Accuen (Omnicom’s DSP solution). And because there is a far greater level of transparency than with traditional networks, we’re also starting to see some really interesting insights, which we’re using to inform our wider cross-channel planning. And how does this sit alongside branded campaigns? Several of our clients are starting to move away from last click measurement towards a more holistic approach which takes into account the whole of the pathway to purchase. It is making our DR activity much more efficient, but has also highlighted the value which branding activity can play in driving sales further down the purchase funnel. We’ve always assumed this was the case, but for the first time we actually have data to prove it (and to identify which types of branding activity are adding value and which are not). This is a really exciting area for us, and one where we’re keen to work with partners to carry out further research. What structural change are agencies going through? Lots! Right now I think most agencies are in a constant cycle of change and reinvention, and this will continue for the foreseeable future. The most successful agencies will be those who embrace change, and whose culture encourages flexibility, collaboration and an enthusiasm to learn new skills. Will premium branded campaigns sit with digital departments, creative multi-platform departments or both? The best branding campaigns are those where a great central idea lives and breathes across multiple channels. That idea can come from any team, but ultimately I think we’ll see planning teams becoming much more integrated. What do agencies expect from premium publishers, and where are they exceeding your expectations? Ideas which demonstrate real consumer understanding. If a proposal delivers a genuinely useful or engaging experience to your readers, you create something which brands will benefit from being a part of.

Katie is speaking at Premium Sales Strategies on 3 July - Book your place - free for publisher members - Find out more about the event

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