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Ofcom Report gives snapshot of UK online trends

Ofcom has released its UK Adults’ Media Literacy interim report – with key findings listed below:

  • Since 2007 there has been considerable growth in household take-up of the internet among older adults aged 65 and over (41 per cent vs. 26 per cent)
  • As well as those in low income households (51 per cent vs. 35 per cent). However, these figures are still at a much lower level compared to all UK adults (73 per cent)
  • There are some gender differences in what the internet is regularly used for - males are more likely than females to say they use the internet at least weekly for news (27 per cent vs. 16 per cent), while females are more likely than males to use the internet at least weekly for social networking (39 per cent vs. 28 per cent)
  • One in three UK adults who use the internet (29 per cent) are watching online or downloading TV programmes or films, with adults aged 25-34 more likely to do this (43 per cent) compared to other age groups. Almost all of these are doing so through UK TV broadcasters’ websites
  • Compared to 2007, people are more likely to think that content is regulated, whether it be on television, radio, the internet, gaming or mobile phones. For example, 38 per cent of people think that internet content is regulated, compared to 26 per cent in 2007

Growth in Social Networking

  • Almost twice as many internet users say they have a social networking site profile than in 2007 (38 per cent up from 22 per cent)
  • 41 per cent of users now say they use a social networking site daily, compared with 30 per cent two years ago
  • Three quarters of those with a social networking profile (76 per cent) now say that it can only be seen by family and friends, up from 48 per cent in 2007

The research involved 812 in-home interviews with adults aged 16 and over from April to May 2009 and gives an overview of media literacy among UK adults aged 16 and over.

Download the full research.

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