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Nielsen launches VideoCensus

Nielsen has launched VideoCensus, a tool which accurately measures how people consume, and engage with, internet video content.

Nielsen VideoCensus allows media owners and advertisers to measure accurately the size and demographic composition (age, gender, etc.) of audiences viewing video online, across the entire web and for specific sites. It also produces metrics like the total number of videos viewed and the average time people spend doing this.

The newly available data shows that 26.9m people in the UK viewed streamed video from home and work computers in April 2011. It also shows that YouTube is the most-popular site for watching video content, with 19.5million unique UK viewers last month, followed by the BBC website (9.1m), VEVO (5.3m) and Facebook (4.4m).

Significantly, Nielsen VideoCensus will be the first industry-endorsed online video measurement tool in the UK. Accredited by UKOM - the UK Online Measurement company run by the AOP and IAB, with oversight from ISBA and the IPA – Nielsen VideoCensus will become the UK’s industry-approved product for online video measurement from July 2011 onwards.

Nielsen Commercial Director Ben Mein explains: “Nielsen is fully committed to being the worldwide leader in measuring what consumers watch, and online video measurement is a fundamental component of that. This new product will help publishers and advertisers in the UK better understand, and take advantage of, the growing influence of online video consumption. Web video is increasingly important as a communications channel and with Nielsen VideoCensus, they now have an industry-endorsed product which allows them to know who, when, where and how people in the UK engage with web video.”

For advertisers and agencies, Nielsen VideoCensus helps capture a complete understanding of where their intended audience is watching online video. It determines where to reach viewers by demographic, site, category, program and other classifications, and also investigates audience duplication and overlap, along with which day-parts are most valuable to their desired viewers.

For publishers, the tool differentiates their most valuable advertising inventory by highlighting the audience, demographics, engagement and other critical metrics to prove the value of their audience. It also allows them to gain a full understanding of the entire market with rankings across their sites and those of their competitors.

Nielsen VideoCensus sets new unbiased industry standards for measurement because it provides metrics from both the UKOM online audience panel and tagged publishers' server-based counts of streamed video consumption.

In addition, prior to launch, UKOM and its industry-wide Technical Group - comprising heads-of-research from media owners and agencies - scrutinised Nielsen VideoCensus at length, with the product undergoing extensive technical due-diligence, auditing, and review before receiving UKOM’s exclusive endorsement.

UKOM General Manager James Smythe adds: "VOD audiences have been growing rapidly, driven by broadcaster investment and platform development. To support the VOD advertising model, the industry needs reliable people-centric measurement, especially with demographics to line up with traditional TV. Nielsen VideoCensus is a hugely important step forward in the measurement and understanding of TV audiences."

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