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Newspapers attract 95m online

National newspapers reached a total of almost 95m visitors online, said a report from the Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) pooling the web traffic data from its members' 16 titles.

Online newspaper readers are also younger and more affluent, spending more money and time online than the average web user, according to BMRB's Internet Monitor, again commissioned by the NMA.

The [research] shows that national newspaper readers online:

  • Had 8 per cent higher annual income than average.
  • Spent 11 per cent more online in the past 6 months.

  • Were more likely to be male, aged 15-24 and ABC1.

ABCE traffic results for June also confirmed impressive growth for newspapers online:

  • The Guardian’s sites attracted more than 20m unique users over the month for the first time.

Increases in unique users year on year include:

  • up 180 per cent
  • The Sun's network of sites' audience growing 72 per cent
  • Both the Mail site network and Times Online users are up 69 per cent

Over the past month, unique users for:

  • The Mirror Group’s sites are up more than 12 per cent
  •’s audience has grown more than 10 per cent

Source: Brand Republic, Media Guardian.

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