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MTV joins AOP, along with 9 new Associates

MTV Networks Digital has joined AOP as an affiliate member. Representing 14 websites and online brands in the areas of music, kids and family, gaming and entertainment, MTV’s sites reach over 7.5 million unique users across the UK and Ireland per month and growing.

We also welcome a range of new Associate Members: Adobe, aiMatch, comScore, Emediate, Imagini, Lotame, MarkLogic, and Perform.

Commenting on the new members, AOP Director Lee Baker said: "We are pleased to welcome MTV Digital Networks and the new associate members to AOP. It is central to the profile of our association that we represent a diverse range of media owners including the broadcaster set, and MTV is an innovative, global player."

"We are continuing to attract an impressive range of enabler companies, under our associate scheme – these companies will play an ever more important role as thought leaders to the industry, and bringing greater efficiency and financial return to our publisher members.”

More information on our new Associate Members

Adobe helps its customers create, deliver, and optimise compelling content and applications — improving the impact of their communications, enhancing their brands and productivity, and ultimately bringing them greater business success.

aiMatch is an advertising intelligence platform provider delivering digital advertising technology and services to publishers. Its team works together to understand, create and produce world-class solutions that build toward one common objective: helping clients grow their revenue.

comScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world - through a powerful combination of behavioral and survey insights, it enables clients to better understand, leverage and profit from the rapidly evolving worldwide web and mobile arena.

Emediate provides publishers with a user friendly and flexible banner system for handling online advertising delivery and management, handling more than 35 billion ad impressions per month.

Imagini’s VisualDNA product rapidly gains an understanding of an individual and gathers data that enables it to predict what an individual is likely to like and ‘why’ they are likely to like it. Its data is proven to increase performance in conversions. In the case of a campaign with Sky display ads in February 2011, increasing conversions by ten times the performance of its existing data.

Lotame - in today’s audience driven economy, publishers need the ability to segment their data and build audience solutions for their clients, and Lotame’s technology does just that. Traditional web measurement systems are inherently self-referencing—you only know what you know within your walls. Lotame lets a publisher know what its audience does when that audience isn’t on a publisher’s site.

MarkLogic is revolutionising the way organisations leverage information. Its flagship product is a purpose-built database for unstructured information. Based on patented innovations, MarkLogic Server enables customers in industries including media, government and financial services to develop and deploy information applications at a fraction of the time and cost it takes with conventional approaches. operates Europe’s largest targeting platform, offering customised, cooperative solutions that make it possible for online marketers, agencies and advertisers to increase the efficiency, performance and branding impact of their online campaigns. Through, target groups for real-time online campaigns can be booked instantly and in a standardised format from any client.

Perform commercialises multimedia sports content across internet-enabled digital platforms, driving revenues through a mix of content distribution, advertising & sponsorship and developing subscription platforms.

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