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Mobile web growing 8 x faster than PC-based web

Mobile web usage is growing eight times faster than PC-based web use according to the ‘Mobile Media View’ produced by Nielsen. The study highlights that almost 7.5 million Britons now access the internet through their mobile phones. As Kent Ferguson, Senior Analyst at Nielsen indicates: "the mobile internet is fast becoming a viable way for advertisers and publishers to reach important demographic groups."

  • 25% of mobile internet consumers are aged 15-24
  • Compared to 16% of PC-based consumers in this age group
  • 23% of the PC-based Internet population is 55+
  • This demographic represents 12% of the mobile internet audience.

The most popular mobile sites, BBC Weather (21% mobile, 17% PC-based) Sky Sports (11% mobile, 8% PC-based) and Gmail (9% mobile, 7% PC-based) have greater reach on the mobile internet than they do on the PC-based internet.

Google Search, ranked as the most popular PC-based internet site, is overtaken by BBC News on mobile, which is visited by 24% of British mobile Internet consumers, or 1.7 million people.

Ferguson concludes, "It’s interesting to see that BBC Weather, Sky Sports and Gmail are amongst the few sites that have a greater reach on the mobile Internet than the PC-based Internet. This highlights the advantage of mobile when it comes to immediacy; people often need fast, instant access to weather or sports news and mobile can obviously satisfy this, wherever they are."

Source: Nielsen Online