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Mobile internet key for consumers

Web accessibilty is becoming a key consideration for mobile users, with 60 per cent of respondents saying mobile web access is important according to joint research conducted by AKQA Mobile and dotMobi.

Their survey of 2,019 consumers from the UK and US found that 65 per cent of those who intend to buy a phone in the next year will demand a good mobile internet experience. A fifth of respondents use mobile internet daily.

  • Forty-six per cent claim a previous poor mobile internet experience has put them off trying to access the web again - the biggest problems were slow connectivity and poor site design
  • Fifty percent of respondents were unaware that there are mobile sites purposed-built and optimised for use on mobile phones
  • Eighty-six per cent of participants said they were interested in knowing which sites are easily accessible on a mobile phone

Reserving and paying for tickets for gigs or shows via mobile was of interest to 65 per cent of those surveyed. Finding local bars and restaurants and comparing product prices each scored 3.9 out of 5 for usefulness.

Consumers would be more likely to choose an airline with mobile check-in facilities over one that did not offer them, with over 90 per cent of respondents confirming as much.

The study highlights the current demand for well-produced mobile internet websites.

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