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Mobile Click Through Rates 34 Percent Higher According to Study

According to its latest research into consumers’ content consumption patterns, content discovery solution Outbrain has revealed how consumers’ are
 engaging with content across various platforms. Users reading articles on mobiles and tablets always display a higher click through rate (CTR) regardless of type of content they are consuming - indicating increased engagement. Outbrain’s research showed mobile CTR is a third (34%) higher compared to other platforms. CTRs vary depending on the specific type of content being read:
• Entertainment articles: compared to desktop, mobile CTR is 54% higher, tablet 37% higher
• Sports articles: compared to desktop, mobile CTR is 36% higher, tablet 39% higher
• And the most popular type of content via mobile is electronics articles with CRTs 91% higher than desktop, tablets 45% - perhaps when people are in research-and-buy mode. This research supports Outbrain latest strategic development to extend its services in the UK to include content recommendation across mobile-optimised sites. Simon Edelstyn Managing Director of Outbrain Europe said: “What we’ve seen is how intrinsic to daily life mobiles and tablets have become. Consumers want to read articles and watch videos on the devices that suit their lifestyle or situation, and brands and publishers need to adapt to accommodate this.” The full results of the study can be found here, and to view the accompanying Outbrain Infographic for this research simply click on the image above.