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Miso Project developer to speak at AOP data journalism event

Miso ProjectAlex Graul, Interactive Developer for the Guardian and the Miso Project will speak at our data journalism event on 16 May. Miso Project is an open source toolkit that aims to simplify the process of interactive storytelling and data visualisation. The first stage of the project (Dataset) is described as its 'engine', with the 'steering wheel, clutch and gears' to follow.
"We're hoping to build a community around these libraries that will tap into the existing spirit of cooperation within data journalism and help enhance the capabilities not just of the Guardian but of many sites."Miso Project Developer Alex Graul
Find out more about how Miso will help you make your own infographics and data visualisations. Find out more about AOP's Data Journalism event on 16 May or book your place - free for publisher members.