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Microsoft Advertising launches new 'easy video' ad format

First UK campaign to use new 'Easy Video' Video On Demand (VOD) advertising technology to integrate existing video content into ad campaign
Microsoft Advertising
Microsoft Advertising has announced the launch of its new advertising format, Easy Video, which enables brands to easily and cost-effectively convert their existing video content into engaging advertising campaigns across the MSN network. Christian Aid is the first brand in the UK to use this technology. Live from today, the new campaign appears across the Microsoft Media Network including until 21st October. Supported by Agenda21, the Christian Aid campaign aims to drive donations to its Nets Now! Campaign, which is providing life-saving Malaria nets to African families by encouraging viewers to donate £3 by text or online.
MSN Easy Video is a 300x250 digital advert that plays 15-, 30- or 45-second streaming video commercials within a conventional web page ad placement. The Easy Video ad automatically plays without sound for the first five seconds and then the video stops automatically. The user is then given the option to click through to the site or play the entire video with full sound. The Easy Video is deployed without additional programming or compilation and the brand needs only to supply the video and companion banner. Caroline Szewczyk, Digital Acquisition Officer at Christian Aid, says: “We were really impressed with the MSN Easy Video technology and how easy it made the process of turning our existing video into digital ads. It has meant we were able to take a short film that had been produced for the Nets Now! website and use it for our media campaign to reach MSN’s large audience.” Helen Brown, Account Director at Christian Aid’s digital advertising agency, agenda21 said: “The new Easy Video format provided Christian Aid with an affordable and effective way of repurposing its existing campaign videos for a digital audience. By converting their video content into a network-friendly format, Easy Video has given their campaign a new lease of life and taken it to a fresh audience.” James Hayr, Head of Specialist Sales at Microsoft Advertising said: “This is a cost-effective way for Christian Aid to take existing video content and use it to create an engaging and effective digital ad campaign. The whole process of converting files, managing the ad campaign and detailed reporting is handled by Microsoft Advertising – all the advertiser needs to do is supply the video content. The Easy Video technology, combined with the size and quality of the MSN audience, offered Christian Aid an excellent opportunity to reach a new donor audience for its life-saving campaign.” Microsoft is an Associate Member of AOP. AOP Members can submit press releases here in our members area (login required.)

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