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Michael Nutley Chairman of Awards Judges Welcome

I’m honoured and excited to be chairing the judging of this year’s AOP Awards. The Awards have always recognised and championed excellence in online publishing, and I’m looking forward to seeing an inspiring set of entries this year, reflecting the innovation and enterprise that characterises this industry. Over the years we’ve seen some great AOP Award winners. Last year was an exciting one for online publishing, and I’m expecting the entries that finally make it into this year’s Michael_N_Awardswinners list to be just as compelling. The judging panel this year will feature experts from within the industry and specialists from outside it, to make sure the winners meet the highest standards. Although individual categories have different judging criteria, in each case the judges will be looking for three things: market understanding, innovation and performance. Every category winner will demonstrate these key qualities. We’ll also be asking four questions of each entry: what were the objectives, what resources did they have, what did they actually do, and what did they achieve. These questions mean we can level the playing field and let small projects compete with large ones. Sometimes big is beautiful and an entry will win because the judges can see where every penny was spent to achieve massive impact. But on other occasions ingenuity triumphs and a small project will punch way above its weight. By being as detailed as possible in your entry not only do you make it possible for the judges to compare all entries fairly, but you give them the best chance to understand what you were trying to do, how well you succeeded, and why you should win.

I’m looking forward to seeing your entries.