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Merry Xmas Video Credits

Merry Christmas from AOP & a summary of 2010 events


Driving the Online Video Market
27 Jan

‘Connected Advertising’ key to the kingdom of VoD
Taken from Gary Knight, ITV's presentation.

Video footage from AOP's Video of the Event.

Apple TV top and front image by niallkennedy

No TV Week! by witz

New Rules of Revenue: Online Advertising 2010
23 Feb

'The first rule of online revenue: there are no rules'
Headline of AOP's summary of the event.

Show me the Money image by Piez

Social Media Forum - Empowered Audiences
28 April

Photos from the event by AOP

App fever vs. massive mobile potential
Taken from James Bromley, MD MailOnline's speech

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for WIRED magazine image by tsevis

"Making money from social – a key part of the CPE puzzle."
Paul Hood, Trinity Mirror

AOP Awards
10 June

Photos from the event by AOP

Diversifying Revenue Streams - Paywall, API or iPad?
7 July

Photos from the event by AOP

Video: Iggy scratches the iPad

"The lessons learned in b2b apply to B2C too."
Tom Wright, Incisive Media

Driving Revenue through Data
8 Sept

Photos from the event by AOP

"Data can lead publishers to the heart of clients’ businesses."
Zina Manda, RBI

"All publishers should consider creating a user login on their sites to at least test data capture, even if it’s only switched on periodically... user ID/sign-ins are the only way forward."
Dr Jaan Nellis, CACI

AOP Summit 2010
15 Oct

AOP Research Forum - unlocking insight from changing online behaviour
17 Nov

Digital Life image by Whatknot

"The sofa is the most important media device"
Scott Thompson, Starcom MediaVest

The Secrets of Product Success
9 Dec

"What you should do, not what you could do"
Nic Newman

"Focus on what is minimal"
Marc McNeill, ThoughtWorks

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