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Men can't live without the web

Research from US-based Break Media shows that 18-34 year-old males are more engaged than ever on the web, and points to the strong brand-building effect online advertising has on this key demographic.

Young men now find the web more essential than even television. Of those surveyed,

  • Sixty-nine per cent said they could not live without the internet
  • Compared with 31 per cent for TV.
  • An impressive 40 per cent of men surveyed spend 22 or more hours per week online ("the equivalent of a part-time job".)
  • The most appealing online ads are either “total or tight”, with site takeovers and 5 second video pre-rolls their preferred formats.

Brand building online

Key findings include:

  • 47% say online ads have led them to make an offline purchase.
  • Nearly 40% of men pay more attention to online ads than those in other media.
  • 40% of men pay more attention to ads with video components.
  • 39% had made an online purchase after viewing an online ad.

The report concludes: "brands that create campaigns specific to the digital space will grow their male 18-34 market share" saying that anyone trying to reach this demographic "must make online advertising part of their marketing mix."

The Research was carried out for Break Media by Hall & Partners in the US, surveying a nationally representative sample of more than 500 aged 18-34 who access the web at least once per month.

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