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Media buyers demand independently verified traffic data

Ninety-four per cent of media buyers view the independent verification of website traffic figures as critically or very important to validate media owners' claims, according to new research commissioned by ABC Electronic (ABCE).

The study, conducted by Benchmark Research, on behalf of ABCE, also found 64 per cent of media buyers view ABCE certification as critically or very important to justify their buying decisions to clients.

ABCE managing director, Richard Foan, comments: "It's very encouraging that media buyers are using industry standard independent certification to justify their buying decisions, and this demand for accountability will continue as the proportion of marketing budgets spent online increases.

"A number of buyers have told me that they now open conversations with media owners with the question 'do you have an ABCE certificate', and we look forward to this happening across the board as media owners deliver a trusted medium to advertisers."

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