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Publishers invited to take part in Skillset advertising apprenticeship project

SkillsetPublishers are invited to take part in the development of a Higher Level Apprenticeship for the advertising industry, developed by Skillset, the sector skills council for the UK Creative Industries A Higher Level Apprenticeship is based on a Level 4 ‘On The Job’ qualification – which is equivalent to someone undertaking their first year at University.  Skillset hopes that by developing this apprenticeship, a new entry route will open up for people to enter the advertising industry and will capture either young people who drop out of university at the end of their first year looking for something more practical or those who would rather choose a working route directly into employment. In order to capitalise on this opportunity, Skillset is asking for feedback from publishers to develop the course – to understand exactly what skills and knowledge are needed. If you are able to give feedback through a telephone interview before 24 February, please contact Debbie Warren for more details. This work will then lead to the development of ‘National Occupational Standards’ for the advertising industry. These standards describe what a person needs to do, needs to know and needs to understand in their job in order to carry out their role in a consistent and competent way. They are used as the basis from which to develop an Apprenticeship programme.  Skillset will be asking questions about what skills and knowledge are required to carry out marketing communications such as planning, project management, account management, creative or production.  It is interested in speaking to people who do these jobs, or even people who work in HR and recruit people to do these jobs. It will be asking broad questions, so you do not need to know anything about National Occupational Standards or Apprenticeships. Your input really would be invaluable in assisting in the development of a Higher Level Apprenticeship for Advertising. The standards will be used to support other areas too such as the development of job descriptions, appraisal schemes, training needs analysis and other skills development tools.  Please contact Debbie Warren to take part.

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