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Rob Grimshaw & Tim Weller on maximising income from online content

Both developing paid online content models, and finding innovative new ways of generating digital revenue were the hot topics at the FIPP Congress earlier this week.

Rob Grimshaw
With publishers aiming to deliver the "when, where and how" requirements of their audiences, Rob Grimshaw, MD of, said that even if the demand existed, based on typical CPM’s, there simply isn’t enough ad inventory on the web for publishers to replicate offline revenues online.

Paid-for premium content is an essential model, he concluded - an absolute reliance on display ads out of the question.

The FT’s innovative paid-for access model is based on defining and creating a quality audience to serve quality content to. In FT’s case that is international decision-makers, not mass-market, but potentially high in value.

Read more from MD Rob Grimshaw at PaidContent:UK.

Defining your audience is key

Tim Weller
In a similar vein, Tim Weller, Group Chief Executive of Incisive Media said defining your audience and online communities with precision is key, as "the more defined the community, the better it can be monetised from both advertising and content".

Weller made the point that media owners have the opportunity for constant interaction and communication with their audiences throughout the day - gone are the days of delivering content or information on monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

At Incisive, this translates to "owning the working day of our audience".

Linking buyers with buyers

Looking ahead, Weller suggests there are opportunities for publishers to build new communities linking buyers with buyers. Publishers can move beyond their own digital properties, making use of sites like LinkedIn to create new communities previously out of reach through their existing subs base or events.

This is an economical, quick and efficient way to create communities that can be clearly defined and ultimately integrated back into the publisher’s core brands.

Finally, Weller suggested that publishers should move towards becoming marketing services providers, with the ability to provide custom solutions on an individual client basis, saying: "publishers should surround their communities with as many touchpoints and routes to market as possible that connect sellers with buyers".

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