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Maxifier's Top tips for optimising online ad campaigns

roger-williamsAOP asked Associate member Maxifier, a leading online advertising technology provider working with premium publishers to empower them to unlock and maximise the value of their inventory, on their tips for campaign optimisation.

As publishers’ revenues from online advertising grow, optimising the performance of campaigns becomes increasingly important, says Roger Williams, SVP Marketing at Maxifier.

, creative management and even campaign objectives must all gel so that advertisers can achieve their desired outcome and publishers acquire the competitive edge, so here are some points to bear in mind.
  1. Campaign critical, not just optional
    Optimisation is no longer just a campaign nicety or afterthought, but very much central to the process and expected by advertisers. Irrespective of whether it’s a performance or a branding campaign, optimisation is essential. Our research has shown that on average, a performance campaign is optimised 11 times and even a brand campaign is optimised seven times. The consequence of not doing this is the risk of being removed from the media plan. Approximately one in ten websites are dropped from campaigns due to underperformance – make sure it’s not one of yours.

  2. It’s not just about performance
    The main task of optimisation is to achieve the overall goal of the advertiser. Traditionally this has been based around the direct response metric of click-throughs and achieving the desired rate expected by the advertiser. However, as more brand advertisers invest in online, the metrics they embrace and use to measure success focus on dwell time, interaction and viewable impressions. For them, being seen matters much more than being clicked. Publishers need to ensure they can optimise around the differing needs of both performance and branding to take advantage of the growing revenues being invested in online advertising.

  3. Campaigns don’t exist in isolation
    Although individual campaigns may be booked separately and have different goals, making a change to improve the delivery of one campaign will have an impact on other campaigns and the inventory available. The impact may be positive or negative, but it is increasingly important you understand the consequences of any changes to effectively manage and deliver to both your advertisers’ objectives as well as your overall business objectives.

  4. Empower yourself with technology…
    Technology has become an integral part of the online advertising environment, dealing effectively with its increasing complexity. The need to streamline and automate right across the online media buying process is essential to drive efficiencies and make the process much simpler and quicker. The growing importance of optimisation means you need to step away from the spreadsheets and manual approaches, and look for solutions that can help streamline workflows, support your ad operations teams and deliver more effective optimisation. This will ensure you can support the differing needs of all your clients’ campaigns and remain relevant to them. 

  5. …But don’t forget to add a human touch
    Although we have impressed upon the need for technology, human intervention remains crucial, as campaigns still need to be checked for sense – something that automated systems cannot do. Automated optimisation may speed things up and improve a campaign, but if you're improving a campaign for one advertiser, which then impacts negatively on the delivery for one of your major clients, this may not be a good move. Machines simply can't identify such important subtleties – the human touch is still very important.

About Maxifier

Maxifier is a leading online ad technology provider, working with premium publishers and ad networks to empower them to unlock and maximise the value of their total inventory. Using Maxifier’s ADMAX solution, companies can increase advertising effectiveness by improving campaign and inventory performance to drive higher yields and deliver optimum revenues and margins. Maxifier’s solution encompasses advanced ad optimisation and inventory management, coupled with a business intelligence engine, all delivered on a single interface. From measuring and optimising campaign performances, forecasting and managing global inventories, developing new advertising packages and increasing sales and profitability, Maxifier benefits all areas of the business, including ad operations, sales teams and senior management. With offices in the US, UK and Russia, as well as a new office in Japan, to date it has managed more than 70 billion impressions for leading publishers and media companies including Forbes, The Guardian, IPC and Bauer Media, empowering them to deliver maximum value and ROI for their clients.
*Results were taken from a November 2011 telephone survey of 227 respondents (102 in the US; 125 in the UK), which was overseen by Loudhouse, a London-based independent market research agency.