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Madgex launches new intelligent CV Search & Match product

Online recruitment software developer Madgex is launching a new CV Search & Match product, which uses specialist technology to intelligently match job seekers and recruiters.

Madgex CV Search & Match delivers a number of benefits over existing CV systems:

  • An increased quantity of quality Job seekers CVs available due to the ease of CV upload or import from social network sites
  • Employers and recruiters benefit from three ways of getting the right candidates without the need for specialist technical expertise: faceted search, browse and match either 1) job role description or 2) an existing CV
  • The system shows the full anonymised CV pre-purchase, with a relevancy ranking to improve the decision-making enabling employer and recruiter to make an instant accurate purchasing decision

Madgex CV Search & Match Services can be used in conjunction with the Madgex Job Board Platform or on a stand-alone basis.

Simon Conroy, CEO of Madgex, comments, “We started our investment in our new product using Actonomy search & match technologies a year ago, with the aim of helping our clients move up the value chain in terms of their ability to provide flexible commercial models which aided all participants in the recruitment process. We are pleased to be closing deals in the UK with a number of prominent B2B/ professional media companies, and an increasing number of associations.”

With over 4 million CVs and 12.5 million user visits per month across their client network, Madgex anticipates the benefits of the structured industry standard data format and the use of open protocols to increase data portability and secure transfer and aid job seeker acquisition, matching and profile freshness.

In harder times for the recruitment industry, job board owners are stepping up their fight to help job seekers find the best jobs and recruiters find the best candidates by working with Madgex to implement their new Madgex CV Search & Match product for their brands online. Clients are overcoming the problems of existing CV databases by improving the experience and results for job seekers and recruiters in a highly cost effective and efficient way.

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