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Luke Johnson & Chris Cramer videos from the AOP Summit

Luke Johnson, Chairman of Channel 4

Johnson's keynote at the AOP 3C Summit focussed strongly on the third 'c' of creativity, and the web as "the most powerful engine of innovation of all time".

"Pessimists are always on the losing side", he said: "all challenges can be addressed", adding that "the expansion of the wealth-creating economy is the only way to offset the current deficit".

Chris Cramer, Global Head of Multimedia at Reuters

For Cramer, our present media culture is one of "continuous partial attention... an untreatable addiction", and citizen journalists "electronic canaries in an online mine shaft".

Social media should be "newsgathering of the first resort, not an 'intriguing addition'".

Future media businesses, he added, will be "guides, not oracles", though organisations with "practised, demonstrable" editorial integrity still have a significant role to play, in an increasingly fragmented world, "no community, all factions."

Photos from the Summit

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