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Local online media hold significant advertising advantage

Local media sites hold a distinct advantage when it comes to delivering results for advertisers, according to a report by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) in the US.

The study finds that consumers trust advertising on local newspaper, magazine and television websites, and are very likely to take action after viewing ads on these sites, more so than visitors on all other types of local content sites.

Newspapers rank first, with 46 per cent of consumers taking action, including making a purchase, going to a store or conducting research after viewing a local ad, as compared to 37 per cent of consumers acting after viewing a local ad on a portal.

Percent of Consumers Taking Action after Viewing Local Ads:

  • Local Newspaper Site: 46%
  • Local Television Site: 44%
  • Local Magazine Site: 42%
  • User Review Site: 39%
  • Portal: 37%

“With strong brands and trusted environments, local media sites deliver concrete results for local advertisers,” said OPA president Pam Horan. “Just as we see on a national scale, media sites outpace portals and all other online media at delivering meaningful advertising results.”

The report also highlights that consumers on local media sites are desirable advertising targets, attracting significant percentages (48 per cent, 40 per cent and 39 per cent, respectively) of consumers who spent more than $500 online in the past twelve months. Thirty-seven percent of portal visitors and 34 per cent of the overall online population spend this amount in a year.

Trust in Local Media

Trust is another important factor driving advertising success, and consumers express significant faith in advertising on local content sites. Newspaper sites lead the way, with 56 per cent of visitors expressing strong trust of the advertising found on these sites, followed by local TV station sites and portals.

The results are part of “Local Online Media: From Advertising to Action,” a new OPA report looking at consumers who get local information from online city guides, classifieds, magazines, newspapers, portals, television sites, user review sites, or yellow pages. The study, which was conducted for the OPA by JupiterResearch, surveyed 2,069 local online content consumers selected randomly from NPD’s online consumer panel.

Source: Online Publishers Association

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