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Bauer Media's Kurt Edwards on international monetisation

Kurt Edwards
Kurt Edwards, Head of Digital Sales at Bauer Media, will be chairing AOP's forum on monetising international audiences on 8 July.

Find out more about the event, and book your place online.

Ahead of the event, we asked him about global monetisation, and what the future holds for international partnerships.

Q. What do you think are the main issues facing publishers looking to monetise their international audiences?

Many publishers lack the resources to be able to focus on commercialising their international audiences in the way they deserve. But the landscape is changing, with more companies willing to do the work on the publishers behalf. Culturally, it's a big hurdle to suddenly turn up in another market and expect agencies to immediately start buying your brands and inventory. It takes time to convince others about the value of your audiences.

Q. Can publishers rely on networks and other partners to do the selling for them? What are the advantages / disadvantages?

If publishers are happy with the returns being delivered by networks, then why not? The more premium you are, the more concerned you are about representation and will want to be pooled within a vertical of similar quality sites.

Q. Do think in future publishers will focus more on collaboration or going solo?

Initially on solo - so we can make our own learnings - but some companies are already pooling publisher inventory to deliver greater scale in the market. Collaboration will be the end goal but again it would need a focused resource and absolute conviction that the prize is there. In markets like the US, scale is very important and collaboration might be the only way of delivering it.

Q. How do you think UK agencies and advertisers view international traffic? Do you see this evolving?

At the right price supported with the right insight and if it's shown to perform, then it will be taken seriously. There are only a limited number of European accounts being planned from London so that's why you need the representation in other markets to cover all your bases.

Q. How important is gathering information about international audiences? Are publishers doing enough and, if not, how could they improve?

Insight will alway be important and the more we have, the better price we can command as we can clearly demonstrate their value. I think newspaper publishers know their non-UK audiences very well and other publishers need to play catch up.

Q. Are their any revenue sources outside display advertising that publishers should be considering either now or in the future?

The potential relaxation of US Gaming laws could deliver a sizeable revenue stream for publishers, and there is, of course, Google Adsense but with minimal returns. Paid for content is also worth considering and is very much in the news now.

Louisa Wong
Joelle Frijters
Also speaking at the event will be:

  • Louisa Wong, Head of Network Advertising at Sky Digital Media
  • Joëlle Frijters, CEO and Co-Founder of Improve Digital
  • Tristan Leaver, Director of Business and Audience Development, EMEA, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network
with another speaker to be confirmed soon.

The AOP Forum on monetising international audiences takes place at Olswang in Holborn, from 14.00-17.30 on July 8. Tickets are £40+vat for AOP members, £80+vat for non-members. on 8 July. Find out more about the event, and book your place online.

Thanks to Improve Digital for sponsoring this event.

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