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Kelly Waters wins ‘Most Valuable Agile Player’ Award

Kelly Waters

Kelly Waters

IPC Media Web Technology Director Kelly Waters has been named Most Valuable Agile Player in the UK at the first UK Agile Awards.

The awards, run by Connections Agile Sevices, recognise the people, projects and products that have made significant contributions to agile development in the UK.

Kelly has pioneered the use of agile at IPC Media, establishing agile methods at the heart of IPC’s numerous digital development projects, and helping to drive business agility and strong online growth.

Kelly’s blog, Agile Development Made Easy! also caught the eyes of the judges. Kelly has been writing about Agile for four years now, and his blog attracts more than 40,000 page views from over 10,000 unique users each month.

Kelly says: “It was really great to get the recognition, both for the significant improvements Agile has delivered at IPC and for my blog. I’ve put a huge amount of work into the blog, and over the years it has helped tens of thousands of people with their own adoption of agile methods.”

Agile is an alternative way of managing software development projects and teams that is fundamentally different to the more traditional approach to project management. It is based on collaboration and teamwork, rather than processes and documentation, and aims to implement projects in very small, bite-sized pieces rather than as one big project.

Kelly is an active member of AOP's Product Development Committee. IPC Media is an AOP Board Member.

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