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Tangozebra founder James Booth

James Booth

James Booth

James Booth, founder of Tangozebra, and now video specialist Rockabox, gave us his thoughts on the current state of TV online:

Q. What would you say are the major current trends in video advertising?
Unfortunately, we seem to have allowed ourselves to settle into the idea that pre-roll advertising is where it should be.

I find this such a shame when it’s clear the consumers are resistant to it and when the internet and all its wonderful technologies lends itself so well to something appropriate being developed that resonates well with publishers, brands and consumers alike.

That said, there are a number of businesses working in this area and some of these solutions are beginning to appear. From what I’ve seen it’s a start but there’s still so much more that could be achieved.

Q. How important will third parties such as Blinkx and YouTube be going forward, and how important will syndication be?
These sites provide great showcasing opportunities and challenge us all to create high-quality content. Of late, content producers have started to embrace the idea of establishing channels on sites such as YouTube, effectively setting up their own broadcasting opportunities.

Once this content is monetised and the benefits shared, we will see more and more well-produced content appearing. This is hugely important for the industry and will kick off interesting syndication opportunities. Syndicated content will always be key.

Q. What makes video an attractive proposition at this time for publishers?
Online publishers are experiencing new challenges. Facebook and similar sites now rob many publishers of their lunchtime audience; at a time too when the internet is metaphorically moving towards the sitting room and end users’ levels of sophistication re: media consumption increase, online publishers need to be evolving content to retain their user base and hopefully attract new users.

As TV and the Internet come together new rules in broadcasting will emerge and for many publishers this is very exciting.

Q. Are costs coming down?
There are many new video-based technology players on the market and as such, prices for setting up a decent video player and bandwidth costs are coming down.

James chaired AOP's forum on making online video work - members can download speaker presentations here.

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