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IPSOS survey uncovers media habits of US business elite

The internet has been identified as the most important part of a business title’s overall offering, according to a survey of north America ’s top business elite, published this week by Ipsos Media.

The USBRS 2006 survey found that a massive 68 per cent of executives questioned believed a strong internet presence was vital for a business magazine’s success. One fifth said they used the internet as their first port of call for getting information on financial markets, personal finance and technology and 65 percent said they spend more time reading business information online than in the past.

However, two thirds of executives said that using a publication’s website was not yet part of their daily routine, while Business Week and Newsweek were chosen as the most popular titles, both read by one fifth of the group.

Simon Staplehurst, associate director at Ipsos MORI Media said: "With top business executives hungry for information to fuel their business lives and personal desire to stay ‘on the pulse’, there’s room for a whole range of media channels."

"This is the first time a survey has taken such a comprehensive snapshot of the business elite in the US and it promises to be an invaluable tool to publishers as they steer content over the months ahead".

The USBRS sampled 2,272 executives and is one of a family of international media surveys covering Europe, Japan, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

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