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IPC Media sponsors Best Agile Team Award at UK Agile Awards

IPC Media, publisher of consumer websites including,, and, is to sponsor the award for Best Agile Team at the UK’s first Agile Awards on 5 October.

The Awards take place alongside the Agile Business Conference at the Inmarsat Conference Centre in London, at which IPC Media web technology director Kelly Waters is a keynote speaker, sharing IPC’s experiences with Agile.

Kelly says: “I'm so pleased that IPC Media is supporting the UK Agile Awards, particularly the prize for Best Agile Team. Regardless of any particular methodology, people are the most important aspect of any project, without a doubt.”

Kelly’s keynote presentation at the Agile Business Conference is entitled ‘IPC Media: The Naked Truth’. He will reveal what life was like at IPC before and after Agile, including how the transformation was achieved and the issues that had to be overcome to succeed.

Kelly, also a popular blogger on the subject of Agile software development, is nominated for two awards at the UK Agile Awards – Best Agile Publication and Most Valuable Agile Player.

Kelly’s blog, Agile Development Made Easy!, is accompanied by an active Agile Community site, where people can get answers to their questions from others who’ve experienced similar issues.

The Agile Business Conference, London, takes place on October 5 and 6 at the Inmarsat Centre. The Agile Awards are organised by Connections Agile Services and is a not for profit event, with any profits donated to charity.

IPC Media is a Board Member of AOP.

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