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Simon Loxham promoted to Product Director of IPC Digital

Simon Loxham
IPC Media’s Web Technology Director Kelly Waters has announced the promotion of Simon Loxham to the role of Product Director, IPC Digital.

Simon was previously Head of Web Technology for IPC Southbank and IPC Connect, home to IPC’s women’s brands. In his new role, Simon retains his current responsibilities and in addition will take responsibility for IPC Digital’s commercial solutions team and IPC Inspire’s sport and leisure websites.

Kelly says: “This is a well-deserved promotion for Simon. He led the transformation of and its new recipes channel, as well as leading numerous developments on our fashion and homes sites, delivering significant online growth. This change will ensure that all of our brand technology teams get the benefit of Simon’s experience, and it will help us to apply common ideas and technology solutions across brands.”

Simon adds: “I’m looking forward to working more closely with the Inspire and commercial solutions teams in IPC Digital, as well as the associated editorial and publishing teams. I’m confident that together we can build on the great work they have already been doing.”

IPC publishes a range of leading websites across its three divisions. Its websites include,,,,,,,, and

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