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IPC launches research into ads on premium content sites

IPC Media has released research showing that 50% of consumers think that advertising on premium content sites is well suited to site content, compared to 28% on portal sites and 30% on social networks.  Entitled AdPACE – Premium Audience Content Engagement – the study provides insight into how different audiences engage with premium content websites. Findings from AdPACE also show that the ‘portrait-style’ advertising format, which is rolled out across IPC’s premium content sites from today, is seen as a positive and welcome part of the content mix. The study finds high levels of trust amongst consumers visiting premium sites: 84% state that they trust the advertising they see there and 86% trust the brands that advertise on the sites. In addition:
  • 85% of people indicate that advertising on premium content sites prompted them about new products and services
  • 64% were prompted to search for a brand as a result of the advertising, with 68% visiting a brand’s website as a result of the advertising
  • 68% of people clicked on a link within advertising on premium content sites
  • 60% of respondents were also more likely to notice advertising on premium content sites
Amanda Wigginton, director IPC Insight says: “Our research found that what really drives people to visit premium sites are their passions – be they music, celebrities or food ideas – and the desire to be part of a like-minded community. This common interest united around users’ passions creates a more engaged audience, and it’s that high engagement that makes premium content sites so valuable to advertisers. Users see advertising as something which the host brand has given its quality assurance to and as a result have higher interaction levels than other forms of online advertising.” As well as the portrait format, AdPACE also tested interactions with a variety of different advertising formats including sponsorship, re-skins and embedded advertising, finding that consumers had a greater propensity to interact with a portrait advert (65%), found it easier to find more information (76%), felt it to be least intrusive to overall viewing experience and was the most eye-catching and compelling (67%). In addition 70% of those surveyed felt that the advertising was in keeping with the content on the site.  Sam Finlay, head of digital advertising adds: “Overwhelmingly respondents expected to see advertising on premium content sites but also told us that they enjoyed them and that they found them useful. The portrait format was favourably received because of the multiple engagement points it offers consumers. We are looking forward to incorporating the portrait format within exciting bespoke solutions for our advertising partners.” AdPACE builds upon the AOP’s assertion that premium content sites engender greater trust than portals and social networks. AdPACE used quantitative and qualitative research methods amongst over 3,000 respondents to investigate further how advertisers can maximise this engagement. AOP’s ad research forum takes place on 7 December, which will be informed by its own latest research project, the Value of Trust, which is soon to be released.

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