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Interview with MediaTel MD Derek Jones

Derek Jones, Managing Director of MediaTel, will be chairing the AOP Seminar on Research - Unlocking insight from changing online behaviour, taking place on 17th November at IPC’s Blue Fin Building.

We caught up with him to hear his thoughts on the state of digital media research for agencies and broadcasters.

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With the ever-expanding amount of behavioural data we have in digital, is it becoming increasingly tricky to translate this into strategy and competitive edge?

Agencies we speak to are both excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Tools to manage the data effectively are becoming really important, though finding the right people to set the parameters for analysis remains the key ingredient as these are the people who will translate this into a coherent strategy.

What are the specific challenges for researchers in delivering usable data from multiple channels?

First of all, understanding what it is they are analysing and second, being able to compare like with like. Touchpoints is making big strides in providing more cross-media data and making it more usable - see the soon to be launched Channel-Planner - and UKOM has been welcomed too. But agencies are time-poor and it's a concern if you look at press and see NRS analysis being sidelined often because ABC is more immediate and easier. So time and education are key.

What do you see as the major challenges and opportunities in this area specifically for broadcasters?

Broadcasters will tell you their world would be a simpler place if BARB could measure everything - and BARB is trying. But firstly it is about getting to grips with different data sources at different levels and various types of engagement. There is still a world of difference between online advertising and a TV commercial.

Your research data at MediaTel is truly cross-media, and goes back over 10 years - from where you're sitting, what are the top trends AOP members should be reacting to as we edge towards 2011?

At your recent conference Jay Altschuler of Unilever told of how his marketing department was encouraged to "live in the (digital) space." Before you worry about any data trends that sounds pretty good advice.

Connected TV is an exciting area, which we are investigating much further at the moment to the extent that we will launch a new product next year, with collated data in this area. The more one looks at it the more possibilities emerge.

We are also planning an event around Youth, Media and Technology. I am sure every AOP member company is taking an interest in how the next digital-savvy generation will consume media in their adult years.

Find out more about the event, also featuring speakers from ITV, Kantar, Starcom Mediavest and dunnhumby.

Early booker rate ends on Thursday 11 November - book your place online now.

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