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Interview: Camilla Day, Head of Video on Demand, PHD

Next week, AOP is hosting an event that brings together traditional and newly-enabled broadcasters, commercial experts and measurement specialists to examine how the video landscape currently looks and identifying key areas to address in the year ahead.

When: Wednesday 27th January 2010, 2.00pm - 6.30pm
Where: IPC Media, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street
Cost: £125 + vat (AOP members) £225 (non-members)

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Camilla Day
Ahead of the event, we interviewed speaker Camilla Day, Head of Video on Demand, PHD, to get her thoughts on the lay of the land in the UK VoD market.

How can publishers better support one another and work together to drive the market?

Online video offers publishers the opportunity to drive consumer engagement and retention in a fragmenting marketplace as well as tap into new streams of advertiser revenue.

However, greater collaboration is needed to maximise the potential of online video.

Working as a collective group to share initial learnings and develop research insights would provide advertisers, publishers and agencies greater insight into the VoD marketplace.

Publishers should work collectively to drive uniformity in video measurement and standardisation of creative requirements. They should also agree a roadmap to implement third party ad-serving solutions to drive parity with other digital channels and enable greater accountability with performance benchmarks and deeper learnings.

Is there a need to standardise the trading currency for video, and if so how can this best be achieved?

Most online video is already traded on a CPM model. Publishers should be realistic in terms of the CPMs they want to charge and need to place these in context of the wider market, particularly TV pricing.

As the video market becomes more complex a deeper understanding surrounding the various parts of video will demand more flexibility in trading. Areas such as the value of long form vs. short form content, content by genre, a consensus on optimal ad exposures per viewing session and pricing vs. other channels are all important to understand.

Search driven trading mechanics (keyword targeting) will also demand new areas of expertise.

What are researchers and measurement firms doing to demystify the buying process?

The IAB, Thinkbox and PHD have commissioned research into online video, largely focused around long form content on broadcaster sites. However, there is a lot more to be done if publishers are to understand how best to harness the benefits of VoD for advertisers.

Initiatives such as a central research programme to drive greater understanding of key elements and the creation of a case study hub, centralised video metrix and benchmarks would certainly be a positive step towards gaining deeper learnings.

Publishers are uniquely placed to drive learnings around the value of cross-media solutions allowing advertisers to deeply integrate with their audiences. VoD is often not consumed in isolation (much of VoD viewing takes place on a laptop in front of the TV, for example) so publishers need to understand where it fits within the consumer journey and its role within the media landscape. The relationship between VoD and TV, VoD and display, the merits of sponsorship vs pre roll all need to be explored further.

How do publishers need to evolve to meet the needs of advertisers?

AOP should develop deeper relationships with other industry bodies to start demystifying and understanding the value video plays with traditional media channels. Advertisers want to learn how media channels complement each other and how media can be optimised to drive efficiency.

A collaborative approach in key areas such as research, measurement, content aggregation and integration with other media channels should be adopted. This should be brought to life through agency and advertiser workshops where innovation, best practice and learnings are shared to drive growth and knowledge in video.

There should be a timetabled agenda and roadmap to ensure momentum is created and success delivered.

‘Driving the online video market’ takes place on Wednesday 27th January, from 2pm at IPC Media. Tickets are £125+vat for AOP members, £225+vat for non-members – Book your place online.

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