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Internet usage overtakes TV viewing

For the first time, using the internet has overtaken watching TV as the UK's favourite activity. According to research conducted by TNS, two thirds of users increased the amount of time they spend online over the last year.

The research, sponsored by Google, reveals that a typical user spends 164 minutes a day online, compared with 148 minutes spent watching television. With the increasingly popularity of online communities and shopping online at an all time high (an average of £446 per user every year) surfing the internet is proving to be one of the most favoured pastimes.

It is among 16-24 year olds where the biggest growth in usage is seen and as the recent Nielsen//Netratings research suggests, they are likely to be spending their time online participating in activities ranging from social networking through to catching up on the sports or entertainment news.

With the internet being both a fast and simple way to access information, Kate Burns, head of advertising sales at Google, comments that it is people's "insatiable thirst for information" that drives online use.

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