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Incisive Media CEO Tim Weller video interview

AOP Summit 2010
Incisive Media Group CEO Tim Weller is speaking at the AOP Summit on 15 October – looking forward to the event, we asked him about the major threats and opportunities for Incisive's business, and the secrets of building B2B value in a B2C world.

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Tim Weller, Group CEO, Incisive Media

In the video, he talks about innovation, continuing to "do what we did when we were 13 people, and chance and innovate within the business", moving from a traffic-led to an engagement-led ad model, shifting subs models from 1-2-1 to a site licence and company level, and, finally, the company’s take on mobile:

“Through the course of 2011, this is a very significant priority for us…”

Tim is speaking on the Summit's B2B panel: Building B2B value in a B2C world, which also features:

  • Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch UK
  • Henry Clifford-Jones, Director of Marketing Solutions, Europe, LinkedIn
  • Tim Potter, Managing Director Business Publishing, Centaur Media
  • Moderator: Claire Enders, CEO and Founder, Enders Analysis
Increasingly, B2B publishers are finding themselves at the forefront of UK media in decoding engagement and rapidly changing metrics. The session looks at how B2B media are leading the way in terms of understanding their users, and increasingly forging partnerships with B2C partners in a B2B way.

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When: 15th October 2010

Where: Westminster Bridge Park Plaza, London

Price: £395 + VAT for AOP members and £495 + VAT for non-AOP members

The one day AOP Summit will be split into four sections:

  • Producing world class editorial content
  • Developing new avenues of revenue generation
  • Building B2B value in a B2C world
  • How harnessing and investing the best technology makes businesses fit for 2011 and beyond

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