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Get £50 off new IDM data management qualification

Today, data sits at the heart of all marketing activity and it is your most valuable business asset, which is why AOP is supporting The IDM Award in Data Management, the first professional qualification in the UK to cover in-depth all aspects of data management. Be one of the first to gain this essential new qualification and get a £50 discount off the full price.

Find out more or register your place online.

How is this qualification relevant to your business?

The way marketers and brands collect and analyse data is changing at breakneck speeds, driven by factors such as highly sophisticated internal data warehouses and CRM systems, plus a wide range of external data sources including social media channels.

At the same time, regulation of data use and management is tightening, and the penalties for non-compliance spiralling. Organisations can now be fined up to £500,000 for breaches of the Data Protection Directive. The IDM Award in Data Management qualification will help you maximise the return on your data assets and ensure your methods are fully compliant with the latest changes in legislation.

About the IDM Award in Data Management

The programme starts on 18 April 2011 and includes a 30-hour online self-study programme and online examination. Students can join the course on any date throughout the year, but those who register before 18 April will benefit from a special pre-launch price of £295.

There are nine modules, each written by leaders in their field and covering every conceivable area of data management. The topics include preparing a business case for investment in data, managing the digital applications and choosing the right technologies and mastering customer data integration. Keeping data secure is a major concern for marketers and individuals alike. This is why one module is devoted to data security.

Register for the course before 18 April and pay a discounted, pre-launch price of £295. If you take a licence for multiple staff there’s even more discount, call 020 8614 0200 for more information.

Find out more or register your place online.

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