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IBM Marketing VP on 'business to person' publishing

At the AOP B2B Conference last month, keynote speaker Caroline Taylor, VP of Marketing at IBM spoke about the defunct concept of the sales funnel, the differences between b2b and b2c and the increasing importance of publishers to CMOs. "The sales funnel concept originates in 1898... morphed into above the line & below the line... well, I have news for you - there is no line... at IBM, we don't do the 'funnel thing' anymore." - watch the video for more:
From sales funnel to virtuous circle (3 mins)
On B2P: "I don't think b2b or b2c is relevant anymore, I think it's business to person":
From B2B to B2P - Business to Person (2 mins)
On publishers: "I would say you have more to offer me than you ever have in the past, because of the very disintermediation that might suggest that you don't curiously... The influence you have is much greater than 30 years ago..."
Why publishers have more to offer CMOs than ever (3:30 mins)
Members can download IBM's presentation from the B2B Conference here. Watch the full version of Caroline Taylor's keynote. Videos produced by Net Communities.

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