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IAB Launches Ad Campaign to Give Consumers Greater Control over Online Advertising

IAB UK today announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at giving consumers greater control over targeted online ads. The Europe-wide
IAB_adscampaign is being pioneered in the UK, which kicks off today Thursday 13 June 2013. The initiative aims to drive consumer awareness, provide information and enable consumer choice. Some of the UK’s largest news brands, media owners and advertising tech businesses are donating inventory. The focal point of the campaign will form around a series of “unzipped” online ads, which have been designed by Mediacom. When the ad is clicked, it links to a landing page explaining the role of online advertising and how privacy can be safeguarded. The landing page also features a short video helping people to understand ‘interest-based’ advertising. Nick Stringer, Director of Regulatory Affairs at IAB UK, says: “There are two key points people should be aware about. Firstly, advertising helps to pay for the content and services consumers receive for little or no cost, and interest-based ads are more relevant to the user’s likely interests. Secondly, which many are mistaken about, is that interest-based advertising is based upon the sites previously visited and not on any personal information that identifies the user. “The research is very clear: once consumers are aware of these points and know they are in control, they are far more open to interest-based ads. Over half a million people a month* now visit the UK Your Online Choices site to find out more.” The UK campaign will initially run for six to 10 weeks. Some of Britain’s largest news brands, media owners and advertising technology businesses have donated inventory to support the goal of reaching 30% of all online Britons. To read the full story on the IAB UK website click here