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"Sea change" towards collaboration

The past two years have seen a “sea change” from an “us and them” mentality between media owners and pure online firms, to an increasingly collaborative approach.

Emily Bell, Editor-in-Chief of, speaking at the Guardian’s third Changing Media Summit, stressed the increasing importance of such partnerships in the new media landscape.

Speaking from one of these “pioneering companies”, Travis Katz, SVP and general manager of MySpace revealed his content strategy going forward - “a far cry from user-generated content”, with an exclusive feature film and live concerts planned, as it actively seeks additional media owner partners.

“Letting go” on the web leads to greater user engagement, said David Moody, MD of digital media and director of strategy, BBC Worldwide.

BBC Worldwide's YouTube channel is a valuable source of “unfiltered, uncensored feedback”, revealing its most passionate audiences - the partnership has evolved into a valuable research tool for new programmes and localisations.

Moody outlined his key considerations for partnerships:

  • Brand attribution central
  • Control ads on the platform
  • Negotiate prominence on the platform

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