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Guardian to streamline print & digital with Operative

Guardian News & Media to run both print and digital media businesses on Operative’s ad management platform Operative, the advertising business management company, has announced that Guardian News & Media will use the Operative.One platform to consolidate and run both its digital and print media businesses.  “As part of our mission to become a digital-first organisation, we needed a revenue platform that could support both digital and print,” says Andy Beale, Technology Director, Guardian News & Media “Our legacy systems were originally built for print only with digital systems often disconnected from the main order-to-fulfillment workflows, leading to expensive manual processing overheads. While we had considered building a system internally, we liked that Operative.One had best-practice functionality and capabilities built into the platform, enabling us to consolidate our print and digital business units, streamline our order to fulfillment process, and equip our sales organisation with more innovative, cross-channel products.” Operative.One will replace Guardian News & Media’s print-based legacy system and integrate with The organisation’s print and digital media businesses, including, as well as The Guardian and The Observer newspapers, will all be running from the same platform - Operative. One - in the first half of 2012.  This will enable GNM to have one holistic view of their business – from available inventory and campaign data to client invoicing and billing – giving them the ability to deliver more innovative, cross-channel products to the market, and to scale quicker in order to support future growth and expansion.   Michael Leo, President and CEO of Operative says:  “Convergence is upon us, and we are seeing an increasing number of newspapers and magazines looking to consolidate and streamline their online and offline business operations in an effort to reduce transaction costs and create new revenue opportunities.”  “Operative.One is the ideal solution for publishers looking to simplify their advertising business across channels, and across departments, so that they can scale quicker and speed the pace of innovation.  We are thrilled that Guardian News & Media has selected Operative.One as their end-to-end solution for advertising business management.”    For more information on Operative, visit To hear more from Andy Beale, Guardian News & Media’s Technology Director, on their selection of Operative.One, please visit More on this from the Media Briefing. About Operative Operative Media Inc. is a leading advertising business management company. Its core purpose is to allow the media and advertising industries to run increasingly complex businesses with simplicity. Operative’s next- generation, SaaS based platform and technology-enabled services help media industry leaders and their partners balance operational efficiency with innovation to reduce transaction costs and boost advertising revenue. Launched in October 2010, the Operative.One platform brings together the business processes and systems necessary to package, sell, traffic, manage, optimize and collect revenue on advertising products. More than 200 industry leaders rely on Operative to manage more than $6 billion in global ad revenue annually, including The Wall Street Journal, MSN, OMD, NBC Universal and National Public Media.

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