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GroupM MD on RTB, data, cookies & where publishers fit in

Keynote speaker at AOP's Trading Revolution event Jakob Nielsen, MD Interaction at GroupM UK gives us his thoughts on what changes to the way agencies are trading online mean for publishers, the EU's policy on cookies, the dreaded 'data leakage' issue and how GroupM is sharing its own data with publishers:

Jakob Nielsen, GroupM UK on the revolution in trading online ads

Members can download Jakob's and Jay Stevens of the Rubicon Project's presentations.

"Without excellent content and context from publishers, there's no relevant inventory for us to buy... Publishers need to be more confident about what they do..."

On sharing client ROI data with publishers: "Data's not just a one way thing for us...", he added that this information could be a 'goldmine' for publisher sales teams.

On the EU policy around cookies and user privacy: "They're saying: we prefer you to fix this yourself. If we don't start educating though, the EU will come back with a law, and we'll all be to blame."

He ends the interview by explaining his views on transparency in online trading and where the risks lie for publishers in terms of third parties reselling cookies.

Jakob is appearing at The AOP Summit 2011 on 14 October - find out more about the event or book your place now - early booker rates end soon.

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