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“If you’re not failing, you’re not taking big enough risks"

Google UK & Ireland MD Matt Brittin

In this video, Google UK & Ireland MD Matt Brittin talks about business models for publishers, HiPPOS, and the importance of experimentation (and failure.)

“The UK’s got a massive opportunity… a reputation for fantastic quality journalism… the internet is an English speaking pool of 1.7 billion. In some cases it’s still not clear what the business model is, but my rallying charge would be let’s experiment.”

He highlights the experimentation around monetisation in media at the moment – “it’s by no means the case that advertising is the only source.” Recorded before the launch of Google One Pass , he also talks in the video about iTunes and the need for more consistency in online payment platforms.

On the ‘highest paid person’s opinion’ vs. the art and science of product development:

“You can have a point of view on how things could be better as an organisation, but then you can actually test it and learn from what your customers actually do and improve based on that feedback… it’s the beauty of the art of design, intuition and experience along with the science of data and facts and what consumers are telling you which presents another opportunity online that doesn’t exist in the printed world.”

On failure:

“If you’re not failing, you’re not taking big enough risks, clearly you don’t want to be betting the farm, but with digital you don’t have to, you can be doing lots of small experiments all the time. If you look at Google, Amazon, eBay – if you look at the businesses that are only online, they have to do that.”

“I think a little bit more of that in the publishing sector would be a good thing for readers and for publishers.”

This video was taken at last year’s AOP Summit.

AOP Summit 2011
This year's AOP Summit takes place on 14 October at the Westminster Park Plaza in London. Speakers confirmed so far include:

  • Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director of Commercial and Online, ITV
  • Anna Settman, CEO, Aftonbladet
  • Justine Roberts, CEO and Founder, Mumsnet
  • Alisa Bowen, General Manager, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network
  • Jakob Nielsen, Managing Director Interaction, GroupM
  • Juan Lopez-Valcarcel, Director, Digital Product & Consumer Technology, Pearson
  • Moderator: Kate Silverton, Broadcast Journalist

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