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Global Radio CEO Stephen Miron on free vs. paid & Apple

Stephen Miron, Global Radio CEO

Video produced by Ed Petit

Stephen Miron, CEO of Global Radio talks about free versus paid content and focussing on your core business, and gives his views on Apple:

On tech challenges & core focus

"One of the challenges some media businesses have faced has been around infrastructure and technology – when we look at the content management systems of some of the companies we’ve acquired, you can see how other businesses ended up in quite a difficult state… You need to go back a stage and it’s not just about getting the content right, but having the right platform in place.”

“Focus on the core business … All we’ve focussed on has been getting great output on all our stations, and if you get that right, everything else follows really easily. The issue with some of the publishers today is that they’re not confident in their core product. Therefore, they’re looking for distractions elsewhere.”

On free vs. paid

“There aren’t huge pockets of gold out there, as much as people hope, in terms of the monetisation of content. I think what we’re getting to a commodity-driven market, so we need to go through that process before we come out the other end where people really put a value against the content they want to have."

"We’re in a world at the moment where everyone’s trying lots of different tricks… in many ways it’s the same challenge as the newspaper industry faced when free newspapers came out, and paid-for newspapers took the view that the consumer’s not going to value that, as much as paid-for – rubbish.”

“At Global, we are happy, in the truly ubiquitous medium that radio is, to get our content out to as many platforms as possible, for free. And then, on the back of having a huge aggregated audience, we know we will be able to monetise it in a much more efficient manner.”

On Apple

"I’m fearful for Apple, in a way… because I’m of a certain age, loving Apple… And you just know generation Y is sitting there and saying ‘that is so not cool now.’

"So if I was sitting where Blackberry, Nokia or Microsoft is sitting, I’d say there may be an opportunity in 5-10 years’ time to capture that next Y generation and make them really engage with our products, because perhaps (and this may be tantamount to heresy) Apple may not be cool in that time.”

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