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Global Radio's Ben Perreau on making partnerships work & agile journalism at Capital

In this video, Global Radio's Digital Content Director Ben Perreau talks about the commercial/editorial cross-over for partnerships, making this work for users and how Capital FM’s online news team is bringing agile methodologies to editorial.

Global Radio Digital Content Director Ben Perreau

A younger generation of editorial staff is coming through who see commercial partnerships around content as the norm: the key to success, he says is “What does the user get, and how do I communicate that in a way that doesn’t have to try to be convincing, but feels like it’s adding value.”

With more and more brands and advertisers becoming content creators themselves, he offers some words of advice: “Take a startup approach… What is the number one thing you want to be indexed on Google for, what is the number one thing on social media you expect your audience to pass around… When you try to do many things, it becomes difficult to resonate in one specific area.”

Agile journalism at Capital FM

He explains the ‘semi-agile’ approach Global is taking to journalism, for example on its newest site, Capital FM – iterating content and using real-time analytics “more and more to understand how our stories are doing… and you start to think about the life-cycle of those pieces of content.”

“It reminds me of the experiment Google did with the New York Times (Living Stories)… we could learn a lot from the processes that have come in from the more technical end of the business.”

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