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Global Digital Media Trendbook 2012 Executive Summary

Global Digital Media Trends
AOP has partnered with World Newsmedia Network to distribute the 20-page executive summary for its Global Digital Media Trendbook 2012. Members can download the summary hereDownload Type: pdf
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. The report includes revenue and usage trends for social media, internet, video, tablets, mobile and gaming worldwide. Below are some samples of the data sets in the report, which is a compilation of digital media reports from 70+ research firms worldwide:
  • According to MAGNAGLOBAL, Almost three quarters of all advertising revenues, 72.7 percent, is shared by only 10 countries in 2012. The largest share, or 34 percent, goes to the United States, followed distantly by China, with 7.4 percent, and Japan, at 7.2 percent. The largest countries in Europe - Germany, the United Kingdom and France - share the next tier of revenue, with 5.5 percent, 4.4 percent and 3.2 percent, respectively
  • The proportion of ad revenue on mobile, video and social networks is not created equally across the world, or in different time intervals. In the U.S., IDATE data shows social networks represented more than half of all advertising revenue, followed by 14 percent for mobile and 33 for video in 2011.
  • However, the market is shifting, and social networks will lose five percentage points of market share by 2015, with mobile revenues growing considerably to 25 percent and video advertising shrinking to 27 percent by 2015
  • In Europe, IDATE portrays a much more balanced distribution among the three digital platforms. Social networks represent 37 percent of emerging platform revenue, 44 percent of video revenue and 18 percent of mobile revenue in 2011, and projects that by 2015 video will remain stable at 43 percent while social networking revenue will decline to 27 percent and mobile revenue will increase to 29 percent.
  • In China, more than 80 percent of Internet users engaged in social media in Nov. 2011, with activities such as using social networking sites, blogging, uploading videos, sharing photos, micro-blogging and visiting forums, according to the GlobalWebIndex. This is up from about 78 percent in July 2009.
  • By contrast, social engagement in the United Kingdom was about 60 percent in Nov. 2011 vs. 55 percent in July 2009.
  • Social media advertisers are planning to increase their social media ad spending in the next 12 months, Microsoft's "Driving Word of Mouth with Social Advertising" report found. The United Kingdom claimed fifth place behind Brazil, the United States, Singapore and France for the highest planned increases in spending, according to the 2011 report.
  • Mobile Internet app spending is highest in the United Kingdom among European countries in 2012 with 479 million Euros spent, but by 2015, IDATE predicts Germany will eclipse the UK with 1.2 billion Euros vs. almost 1.2 billion Euros in the UK.
  • In the United States and United Kingdom, more than half of all respondents access the Internet on smartpones every day, up from 67 percent and 50 percent in Feburary 2011 to 69 percent and 54 percent in October 2011, according to Google's "Mobile Internet and Smartphone Adoption" study conducted by Ipsos Media in January 2012.
Download the summary hereDownload Type: pdf
Download Size: 2565k
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